22 July 2014

Shoesday 22nd July

Getting schooled by Valentino Garavani on how to take an age-old favourite style and elevate it to astronomical levels...

So many shoes, so few days in the week.
Been eyeing off these stunners for quite some time now. I think my rationalisation is that if I stare at them for long enough either they'll miraculously appear in my bedroom; or I'll get sick of them [highly unlikely].
Deep down I think I know that it's not going to happen, but a girl can dream - can't she?
Valentino Garavani Mary Jane Pumps on Sale at Styled by Sasha


Images: InStyle Home, Farfetch


  1. I'm busy drooling in show heaven.

  2. These pumps are fantastic! I want them right now! I agree with May on her comment - drooling! denisesplanet.com