31 May 2014

For Your Coffee Table and Your Bookshelf

For those with a strong interest in fashion, those who appreciate stunning imagery or those interested in the history behind some of the most influential icons of the last century or so; it’s worth picking up a couple of beautiful coffee table books. If not to engage your visual senses, then at least to spruce up your home!

If you're going to invest a little coin into upping your fashion IQ, then it makes sense to try to find hardbacks that can double as beautiful objets d'art. If my recent interiors inspiration post taught you anything, it should be that a well-styled coffee table can take you a long way in terms of style cred.

I've put together an edit of my top 6 fashion coffee table books, including the must-have for any fashion enthusiast The Fashion Book, the visually stunning Vogue: The Editor’s Eye, and classic Chanel: The Vocabulary of Style.

Images: Pinterest, Amazon

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