27 December 2013

Fields of Gold

I'm not one of those people who, after a long hot summer, yearns for the colder months.
I love the golden glow that the landscape emits during summer. I love not having to wear 5 layers when venturing outdoors and I love the sunshine on my face.
[Side note: I hate the insects. That's the only down side.]

I really liked the contradictory materials of the pieces in this shoot. The tank is made from a wool blend, and the skirt of leather - it's actually a really great trans-seasonal outfit which you can style in so many different ways depending on the climate.

I hope everyone has had a fantastic Christmas and that you're all enjoying a bit of relaxation before heading back to work in the new year


Photography: Tim Shanks

Zara Tank  |  Eska Alikai Skirt  |  Witchery Sandals  |  Ray Ban Sunglasses
Shashi Ring  |  & Other Stories Ring  |  Gorjana Ring  |  Sajo Earrings


  1. Sasha, I am in complete agreement about the cold weather. I am more energized during warm weather months and I love the fact that there are more days of sunshine. I love your casual chic outfit. I am a big fan of the color of your tank and I love the cut of the mini-skirt.


  2. Lovely look! I too love summer, and luckily I am enjoying summer right now.


  3. Great skirt! Love the photos.
    I too love summer... and love the the sunshine is out!
    x Kirsty

  4. Beautiful photographs and very nice skirt
    xx, Malena
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    Fashioncontainer Facebook page

  5. Gorgeous photos. Especially the second one.

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