8 November 2013

The Jacket Situation

My wardrobe seems to be in a permanent state of revision.
Currently I'm focusing on what will herein be referred to as 'The Jacket Situation'.

There are a few staples that I must update, and thought I'd share my process with you.

The Denim
Denim has been back on trend for a while now. On its own, doubling it up, matching colours - you name it, it's all on. A denim jacket is proving to be one of the more versatile pieces you can own. Not being a fan of the all-denim look on myself, I'd be opting for something with a contrast sleeve like the below jacket by Rag & Bone.

The Bomber
Love me a good bomber jacket. There are so many different variations on the style, so you're bound to find one that suits you. My favourite, and one that I purchased when in London earlier this year, is this navy and cream floral bomber from Dorothy Perkins.

The Blazer
In order to have a functional day/night/all-the-time wardrobe (see also: 'in order to function'), basically everyone in the world needs a black blazer. I love them to fall just above the hip, have just the right amount of tailoring in the waist, and have just a little bit of structure to the shoulders.
Well played, Helmut Lang.

The Leather
Aside from a black blazer, this is the one staple that every woman needs. Leather adds a bit of grit and edge to virtually any outfit, and considering the fact that they will last you a lifetime (and that they come back into the height of fashion every 5 or so years), you can't go wrong! I'm loving this gorgeous creation from West 14th.

The Statement
It means different things to different people, but for me, the statement is all about a smack of print or colour or something a little out of the ordinary. You can go so far as to wear a fluorescent pink sequinned jacket if you really wanted to (I probably wouldn't recommend it), but adding just a little spice will suffice. I can't go past a good cobalt piece, and this coat from Mason by Michelle Mason is no exception.

What would be your must-have items for The Jacket Situation?


Rag & Bone Jean Jacket
Dorothy Perkins Navy Floral Bomber Jacket
Helmut Lang Jersey-twill Blazer
West 14th Greenwich Street Motor Jacket
Mason by Michelle Mason Oversized Car Coat


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