21 April 2013

Reader Request: Wet Weather Winter

At the request of 'Crystalicious', and due to the fact that in Melbourne we’re being confronted with increasingly wet weather, I thought I’d put together a few items that I feel are essential to get through a wet winter.

Whilst a good wool coat is a must for me, it’s hard to get through a winter without a good trench to block out the majority of the nasty weather. Camel or black are both classic colours that suit the majority of people, but branching out into a navy or a grey is never a bad idea.

Leather Knee High Boots
Leather’s just such an amazing material, and it’s hard to go past a good pair of knee high boots for a wet winter. Not only will they keep you dry if properly conditioned, but they’ll last you for ages and are a classic staple for any wardrobe.

One of the worst things for me is a cold or wet neck. Send shivers down my spine just thinking about it (can you tell I’m a summer person?). A good chunky scarf will make sure your neck stays toasty and dry.

Living in Melbourne, it’s pretty important that you have a wet-weather contingency plan when you’re leaving the house given you never know what weather is going to be thrown at you in any given day. Whether it’s in the car or in your handbag, a decent umbrella is pretty important.