6 May 2012

MBFWA 2012

First post! Bit daunting… jumping into this world of long-standing-well-known blogs. This blog will basically contain stuff that is ‘my cup of tea’, which might be someone else’s too! Lots of fashion, cooking and all things art and design.

MBFWA has just finished in Sydney, and although (work commitments) I couldn’t get up there, it’s been a very nice mental-vacation seeing all the SS12/13 pieces light up the runways.

A couple of my favourites from the week:

1. Aje
2. Kirrily Johnston
3. Talulah
4. Whitney Eve & WE
5. Zimmermann

Photos from MBFWA

Unfortunately for me, there's the wardrobe I have in my head and dreams and there's the wardrobe that I can actually afford...

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